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TEN's philosophy is simple: make spray vitamins that people need and make them with the highest quality ingredients. Add a delivery system second to none and you have the best nutritional supplements in the industry!

All of the spray vitamin formulations provided by TEN come in spray form. Sprays are better than any other method of taking vitamins because they are convenient, absorb better, and are great for all family members, including kids.

Why Spray Vitamins?

With T.E.N. Intraoral Vitamin Sprays you will get 98% absorption compared to 10-15% absorption from pills and capsules. Team Effort Network's product line provides the vital vitamin nutrition that most of us are deficient in at a very reasonable price.

Intra Oral Delivery is a Better Route!

There are three ways of delivery systems orally TEN'S delivery of nutritional supplements are intraoral buccal, which is through the mucous membranes lining the cheeks.

  • Intraoral Sublingual
  • Intraoral Buccal
  • Peroral, which is through the mouth
    into the digestive tract. (pills, capsules, etc.)

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Join the thousands of people who have tried TEN Spray Vitamins and achieved their health and fitness goals. Watch the testimonials!

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Who wants to feel Younger? Slimmer? Healthier?

Our world class product line and premium formulas consist of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients in a liquid ~ delivered orally by a fine mist spray. All of our oral sprays are made in the USA using only the finest ingredients. Our products use a powerful, unique and effective delivery system = a PERFECT alternative to the traditional way of taking vitamins and supplements.

Our natural and revolutionary Oral Sprays are Changing the way the world takes vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements!! An exciting new alternative to pills, tablets, capsules, powder, juices!!! We have a unique, fast & effective delivery system that’s convenient, easier to use, tastes great and simply cool!